MQ Accounting provides compliant tax services to a range of clients; corporations, individuals, and trusts. Effective tax planning can assist any individual or corporation to save their hard-earned money. At MQ Accounting we attend regular professional development seminars and courses to ensure that we provide accurate and up to date tax information to our clients.

Personal Tax Return – T1

MQ Accounting has the expertise to complete your tax return accurately and on-time. For every individual client we review prior years’ tax assessments and confirm carry-forward information. We have vast knowledge of tax deductions, medical, RSP contributions, non- capital and net capital losses, disability tax credit, tuition claims and transfers; to name a few. Even those who do not have income can still benefit by filing a personal income tax return. MQ Accounting uses Canada Revenue Agency’s e-file service to submit all returns.


Corporate Tax Return – T2

MQ Accounting remains current with changing Canadian tax rules and regulations. Corporate tax can be overwhelming which is why we are here to guide you through your corporate tax filings. MQ Accounting e-files all corporate returns to the Canada Revenue Agency.

Along with corporate tax filings MQ Accounting can prepare and file T5 slips for our corporate clients.


Estate Tax Return – T3

MQ Accounting has the knowledge in filing estate tax returns, both Testamentary and Inter-vivos trusts. All Estate returns are different; some can become very complex. We will work with trustees/executors as well as communicate with banks and lawyers to make sure the tax filing is complete.


Tax Planning – General

Taxpayers do not like surprising or massive tax bills, MQ Accounting can help tax plan. We also work with our partners to find the best solutions for your financial situation. Ask us how.



Learn more about your rights and what you can expect when you deal with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) here: